Art and Humanities

What is Art and Humanities Program?

The Arts and Humanities field gives its alumni a solid basis for a wide array of careers. Critical thinking, expressing themselves clearly, analyzing and synthesizing all kind of information... the overall skills obtained by students in this field provides them with a professional flexibility and adaptability that is not easy to find in other fields. This provides students with highly customized study plans, combining different majors and minors that would often not be found in other areas - including bachelor's degrees that combine Arts and Science. Studies in Art, Performing Arts, Design, Languages, Literature, Linguistics, History, Philosophy, Theology, Archaeology, Architecture is all considered within this category.

Degree Options

3years Becholor Degree from top recognized universites.

4 years Honour Becholor Degree from top recognized universities

1 or 2 years of diploma from world leading colleges

Universities and Colleges Offering Art and Humanities

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University of Waterloo


McGill University


University of British Columbia

Vancouver,British Columbia,Canada

York University


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